Blu Pharmaceuticals

Blu Pharmaceuticals

Far from Generic
In its second full year of operation, Blu Pharmaceuticals, LLC had sales of $70 million as a generic pharmaceutical drug packaging and distribution company – a pretty good beginning for a small, minority-owned Kentucky company that started life in a business incubator. That was 2008, and the company has never looked back.

In 2010, Diversity Business ranked the fast-growing Blu Pharmaceuticals first among privately held Kentucky businesses, first among diversity-owned Kentucky businesses, 13th nationally among Hispanic-American owned businesses, and 40th among privately held businesses in the U.S.

In early 2010, Bill Luster, the owner of Blu Pharmaceuticals, made a strategic step forward with the entrance into the generic pharmaceutical drug manufacturing business. He led an acquisition of an existing pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and business in Puerto Rico through a sister company, Blu Caribe, Inc. Today, Blu Caribe and Blu Pharmaceuticals manufacture, package, and distribute high-quality generic pharmaceuticals at competitive prices to major wholesalers, group purchasing organizations, mail order pharmacies and government agencies.

Wyatt is proud to have been Blu Pharmaceuticals’ outside general counsel from the start. We look forward to watching the company and its sister company, Blu Caribe, continue their fantastic growth.